110 Blade Bundle

110 Blade Bundle

110 Blades

Purchase 110 blades in any size combination for $5.85 each and receive a FREE floor display rack, valued at $85.00! (Just pay $35 shipping & handling.)

14" Blade
16" Blade
17" Blade
18" Blade
19" Blade
20" Blade
21" Blade
22" Blade
24" Blade
26" Blade
28" Blade
Free Floor Display Rack
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Why Choose Contour Wiper Blades?

Contour Wiper Blades, as the name suggests, are designed to perfectly conform to the shape of windshield of your car, making sure to wipe it consistently and effectively. They are the perfect option for all-weather performance because of their precise and meticulous engineering. The following are strong arguments in favor of selecting our contour wiper blades:

  • Superior Visibility: The Contour Wiper Blades offer crystal-clear, streak-free visibility. These blades will keep your windshield clear whether you’re driving in rain, sleet, or snow, so you can concentrate on the road.
  • Easy Installation: It’s really easy to install our contour wiper blade They include simple-to-follow instructions, so you can easily and quickly replace your old, worn-out wiper blades.
  • Long-lasting: Our Contour Wiper Blades are composed of premium materials that are resistant to deterioration and are designed to endure even the most severe weather conditions.
  • Enhanced Safety: We put your safety first. By maintaining a clean line of sight, contour wiper blades lower the possibility of accidents brought on by poor vision.
  • Compatibility: We provide a large selection of car models with Contour Wiper Blade Whether you drive a truck, SUV, or compact car, you’ll find the ideal match for your automobile.

Frequently Asked Questions

How often should I replace my wiper blades?

It’s advised to change your wiper blades as soon as you detect diminished performance, which should happen every six to twelve months. It’s time for a replacement if your blades make noise, skip sections, or leave streaks.

Can I install Contour Wiper Blades myself?

Simple installation guidelines are included with each order of our contour wiper blades. You don’t need expert help to replace your wiper blades if you have some simple tools and a few minutes to spare.

Do Contour Wiper Blades fit all vehicles?

To meet the majority of car makes and models, we provide contour wiper blades in a range of sizes. To make sure you select the right size for your particular car, it’s crucial to consult the compatibility chart on our website.

What makes Contour Wiper Blades better than conventional blades?

Contour Wiper Blades provide even pressure and a clean wipe because of its curved design, which mirrors the curvature of your windshield. Compared to conventional flat wiper blades, this shape minimizes streaking and improves visibility.



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